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Am i asking you a question or telling you, it all depends on the interpretation you give to it. And that also determine who you really are.
when a word is thrown at you, do you really stop to analyse it or you just jump to the defense. Have you been called certain names, what was your reaction.
Do you just defend yourself by attacking back, or you keep quiet to hear the reason you are being called that. For someone to say you are something, is there any truth in it, ask yourself and if truly there's no truth in it, there will be no reason to defend, attack or react to it.
For if i am not something i shouldn't be perturbed when i am accused of it for my good nature, or truth will finally prevail.
You are wicked because trully you are when you try to prove so much that you are not.
Or could it be lack of confidence, not knowing who you are. If that's it i know someone who can show yòu your identity.
Look for him. He can be found.
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