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In my last post, I talked about Edwin Barnes who purposed in his heart to work with Mr Edison. Did he achieved this burning desire? We shall see in this post.

Edwin Barnes began to work assiduously in Mr Edison's company. He would do what others termed as menial jobs. He continued this way for five years without achieving his burning desire. But you see, nature has a way of bending to the persistent audacity of unyielding folks.

Edison invented a new machine called the ediphone. And his sales force thought that this machine would not make its way through the market. That scenario gave birth to Barnes' greatest opportunity!

Barnes quickly rushed into Edison's office to inform him that he would sell the unsellable machine. Edison gave him the opportunity to do so. And he did. He sold the machine to the point that a slogan was coined: " made by Edison and sold by Barnes".

Edison later signed a contract with Barnes which made very wealthy. Barnes won through persistence. You too can win.

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