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Popular Supermarket Rejects Old and New Naira Notes in Lagos

Residents of Bariga, Shomolu area of Lagos, were stranded on Sunday as Justrite, a popular supermarket, refused to collect both the old and new naira notes.

The supermarket said it was only accepting payment through the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card and app transfers.

Asked why the shopping mall was not accepting both the old and new naira notes, a security guard at the entrance said, “It is the law. It’s just for a period of time.”

“We are not collecting cash. Transfer and your card.”

Residents, not happy with the rejection, were left stranded as some of them did not operate fund transfer via the ATM card or mobile banking app.

“They don’t want old or new notes. They are accepting cards,” one of the customers said.

“We that brought new notes cannot buy anything with it. It’s really frustrating. I can’t make any fund transfer,” a man, with a daughter outside the store, said.

“They are not collecting cash again. New notes, they no collect; old notes, they no collect. ATM, transfer, enter,” said another customer

By Segun Ige
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