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NCC warns Samsung phone users in Nigeria to immediately update their Galaxy Store apps

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), through its Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), has advised Nigerians using Samsung phones to immediately update the Galaxy Store application on their phones to avoid cyberattacks.

The advisory follows the discovery of multiple vulnerabilities in the Samsung Galaxy App Store application, which can lead to unwanted app installations and code execution.

The NCC-CSIRT disclosed that Ken Gannon, a cybersecurity researcher from NCC Group, discovered the vulnerabilities in the Galaxy App Store application on Samsung devices that are running Android 12 and older.

Cybercriminals on the prowl: While warning that cybercriminals are continuously devising new means of compromising their targets, NCC-CSIRT said:

“We advise phone and computer users advised users not open files from people they do not know, not to click ‘OK’ and immediately exit the application if they receive a warning that opening an attachment or link can damage their computer or files and to promptly share an unknown email they believe to be genuine with a security or Windows administrator to assist in determining whether the file is secure.”
Other threats: The team reported that cybersecurity analysts at ASEC (South Korea’s cybersecurity emergency response centre), have also discovered NetSupport RAT malware being distributed by threat actors from a phishing website disguised as a popular Pokemon card game.
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