Web Development


Learn to Build Different kinds of Websites and Blogs from Scratch


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Whether you are looking to continue your education, transition into a career in tech
or simply boost your career path, we will guide you as you begin your web development Program.

Who this course is for:

- Anyone who wants to create a professional Website or Blog
- Beginners will zero skill set in programming
- Web designers that want to extend their skill and become web developers creating a web app and software
- People with app ideas but looking for how to implement them or people that want to change careers

Course Module

1Module 1 Domain and Hosting
Introduction to hosting and domain environment.
2Module 2 Cpanel Interface
Introduction to Cpanel interface
3Module 3 Email Creation
Learning how to create custom email address.
4Module 4 Installation of Wordpress Framework
Learn to install Wordpress Locally and onlin e
5Module 5 Wordpress Interface
6Module 6 Theme Plugin
7Module 7 Importing the website
8Module 8 Editing the websites
9Module 9 Header Footer
10Module 10 Overview of the website
11Module 11 Basic HTML
12Module 12 Exploring other websites

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Training Fee: 0%

1. Personal Learning Environment (PLE) : Domain and Hosting (N10,000) This is important for this training, without your PLE you won't be able to join the class. It is compulsory you buy your domain and hosting from us, you can pay for it before the training day or on the day of the training.
2. No programing experiences: No previous coding (programing) experience is required for this training, as the training can be taken by somebody with zero skill in programming. The training will be so intense, that participants will end the training with skills they can use to develop world-class software.
3. Good computer usage skill: All students are expected to know how to navigate their way on a computer system, They should know how to create files, save files in a folder and be very familiar with their computer keyboard.
4. Hardware Requirement: Students are expected to come for the training with a laptop that has Wireless LAN, minimum 2Gb RAM, minimum free space on hard disk should be 50Gb minimum Dual Core CPU and USB port.
5. Software Requirement: All students are expected to have a PDF reader and Microsoft office installed in their system. Any other software needed will be provided by our organization.

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Register and choose from the available batches. Note: Only 20 Students can join a batch

Batch A

Date:Aug 19th - 20th, 2022

Time:10am - 3pm


Batch B

Date: Aug 26th - 27th, 2022

Time:10am - 3pm


Batch C

Date: 2nd Sep - 3rd , 2022

Time:10am - 3pm


Batch D

Date:16th Sep - 17th, 2022

Time:10am - 3pm



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